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Our team of professionals are swift in their work as they ensure that all project are completed within the stated time.

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Redefining What Home Development and Building is, by Building Premium Housing!

Perfect Design

Build with UMéRA Homes, we build your new home ideally fitted to your needs, we pride ourselves on building homes sensitive to the way you live.

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Our homes are designed with you and your lifestyle in mind. Dream features include a design layout for flexibility and efficiency, practicality for ease, and ample storage space for the home office. The spacious kitchen comes complete with a cherry worktop, grey island unit and stunning glass splash back.

Home is the most popular, and will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments.

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What We Offer

When you buy a home, you choose more than just walls and steps. You choose an environment that’s appropriate for you and your personality. We are specialised in new homes to build up a home for every customer in need of a ready-made nest.

Residential Design

Our residential design encapsulates a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and functional design. It’s not just a house; it’s a place where luxury meets practicality.

Bungalow Design

Our bungalow design captures the essence of simplicity. It’s a place where comfort meets classic design, every detail contributes to a welcoming atmosphere

Duplex Design

Our duplex represents a contemporary lifestyle where elegance meets adaptability, catering to various living preferences in a dynamic setting.

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Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to own a spacious, elegant home that fulfils your dreams.
This stunning property promises the perfect blend of luxury and comfort, offering ample space and modern amenities

Our Expertise

5 Years of Experience in Home Development and Building

We have honed our expertise in creating spaces that harmonize functionality, innovation, and aesthetic appeal. From concept to completion, our journey has been marked by a passion for crafting residential spaces that transcend mere structures, focusing on creating homes that inspire and cater to diverse lifestyles.

Residential Design
Bungalow Design
Duplex Design

Ready To Start New Project With UMéRA Homes?

Embarking on a new project with UMéRA Homes is an exciting opportunity to blend innovation with expertise. We are poised to weave together our collective experience, passion for quality, and dedication to crafting homes that resonate with individual dreams
Each home is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of creating living spaces that inspire and elevate lifestyles.